Hazardous Waste Landfill Kölliken (SMDK)
Total renovation, Hazardous waste landfill (SMDK), 5742 Kölliken
  • Builder / Client: ARGE Phoenix (Los E: remediation diposal of waste)
  • Implementation: Duration of the total renovation SMDK: 2006 - 2015, implementation interior work RE1A: 2007, implementation interior work RE2: 2009 - 2010
  • Dimension / Volume: Landfill volume: ca. 350'000 m3, remediation hall: 30'500 m2, manipulation hall: 8'200 m2, storage hall: 5'600 m2, capacity waste air purification: 200'000 m3 / h
  • Total construction costs: Total renovation: 491 mil. CHF (state 19.01.10), interior work RE1A and RE2: ca. 55 mil. CHF
  • Functions Schiess ITI AG: General contractor of the ARGE Phoenix
  • Activities Schiess ITI AG: Co-development of entrepreneurs variant of the ARGE Phoenix, cost estimate for the interior contracting and entrepreneurial variant, contacts to agencies, demands for permits, inspection and approval by agencies, planning of the execution, provision, implementation, commissioning planning interior work RE1A und RE2, co-authoring of the remediation concept, risk investigations, security manual, fire department operation schedule, volume determination during the remediation

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