Methodology is the basis of our work- «doing the right thing comes before doing something right»

The knowledge embedded in our company is based on the consistent and methodical application of logic. We have a wide variety of established standard processes that are customized to carry out different projects. Our experience is therefore used continuously in our related planning methods with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and is always available for our clients and employees.

We maintain and update guiding documents for our methods in an ISO 9001 certified management system.

Our interdisciplinary work is generally performed by Building Information Modeling (BIM) according to Systems Engineering (SE). With smaller projects, this is merely a matter of «doing the right things in the right order.»

For complex projects, we draw up a systematic schedule following these steps: collecting information, planning analysis, setting goals, planning methods, implementing the planning, and verifying targets against outcomes.

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Systems Engineering

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